REMEMBER Evans, The Notorious Nigerian Kidnapper? See The tactics by the Police

REMEMBER Evans, The Notorious Nigerian Kidnapper? See The tactics by the Police

Posted by PERFECT TV on Jul 10, 2021

      REMEMBER Evans, The Notorious Nigerian Kidnapper? See The tactics by the Police to arrest him. You Will Be amazed

Jul 10, 2021

When 36 year old is Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike, popularly known as Evans, the Nigerian kidnap kingpin was arrested, a lot of people were excited and accolades were given to the Nigerian Police Force.

Before his arrest, the Police had placed a N30million bounty on his head and so, when they were eventually able to get him, it was a big plus for the team.

It was reported that when Policemen broke into his room to arrest him, he said sheepishly that, “I know this is the end,m I am finished”. Prior to that, many members of his gang, including his second and third in command, were arrested at different locations in the country.

It was reported that it was easy to arrest him due to the change in equipment, as this helped the detectives locate his where about late Friday night. This particularly was commendable because he switched off his phone so it would be difficult for anyone to trace him. Somehow, the police found their way.

He was said to have been traced to his palatial home in Magodo, Lagos, where he had already packed his bags and baggages, ready to fly to South Africa, the next day.

On hearing that he had been arrested, a lot of people rushed to the police station to actually confirm that these men have actually caught him.

Speaking of some of the crimes Evans committed before his arrest, that of 35-year-old Mbarikatta William Uboma whom he kidnapped on June 16th, 2012, at about 11 am, on his arrival from Hungary, while he was close to his house, cannot be forgotten.

It was said that the victim was in the company of his brother, on their way from the airport, when another car emerged and blocked theirs.

It was reported that;

“They grabbed Uboma, blindfolded him, and forcefully abducted him – he was taken to an unknown destination. They later demanded a ransom of N10M. However, N2M was later paid while they collected other personal accessories. 

He was finally dropped at Okota on the third day.”
 Another person was 34-year-old Paul Cole who was a Director with Ocean Glory Commodities, Apapa and was kidnapped on August 3rd, 2012, at Festac Town, together with his General Manager, Jude Ugoje, and another staff, Piriye Gogo, and taken to an unknown destination.

In their case, Evans demanded N10M. On August 6th, 2012, they collected N5M ransom at Maza-maza, before letting their victim off the hook.

 2015, and held captive for three months. He also parted with $1M. 11. Elias Ukachukwu was kidnapped in November 2015. He, too, paid $1M. The date of his release could not be ascertained but it was gathered that his abductors were insisting on another $1M ransom, claiming family members were rude to them during negotiation. 12 Francis Umeh, also a spare parts dealer at Aspanda, was kidnapped in July 2016, at Raji Rasaki Estate. Released after two months in captivity.

There are so many people that were victims of Evans but thankfully, he has been arrested and has faced justice.

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