RCCG General Overseer's views on what's trending on social media

RCCG General Overseer's views on what's trending on social media

Posted by WRITER KAY on Jan 29, 2021

      The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E. A Adeboye, has taken to his Twitter account to warn against nudity on social media.

His warning did not come as a surprise cause It came from the three-day trending #SilhouetteChallenge, which features ladies typically dressed down while dancing to Paul Anka’s song, Put Your Head On My Shoulder released late in the 90s, and stripping when Doja Cats’ song, Streets which was released in 2019 comes on. The women dance under red lights allowing viewers to only see the silhouettes of their naked bodies.
In his tweet, the General Overseer warned against viewing nude pictures and videos online. He tweeted, “What are the things that the flesh usually tells you to do? They are listed in Galatians 5:19-21 as you must have earlier read in today’s Bible text. You think that you can view a few pictures or videos on social media where someone is almost nude and it is okay.

He furthered on, using himself and the biblical character, Joseph as an example, the pastor appealed to his followers to flee from sin to fulfill God's plan.

“I stay far away from sin because I know that God is the only One who can help me to fulfill my destiny and He hates sin. If I offend him and He turns His back on me, I am finished! Joseph knew this, so he did not indulge his flesh at all and he fulfilled God’s plan for his life. My beloved, I am appealing to you from my heart today, walk in the Spirit every day and you will attain God’s plan for your life. What are those things you do that quench the Spirit of God in you? List them and cut yourself off from them today” Adeboye said.

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