PerfectMusic’s Creators Area is Now LIVE!!

PerfectMusic’s Creators Area is Now LIVE!!

Posted by DREALAYODEJI on Feb 04, 2021

      Struggling to get people to listen to your music? Get your talent noticed by thousands of people all around the globe with special promotion on our website to help you attract potential audience for your music, sit back, we'll help you help you get that applause and fan-base your work deserves!

Our creators’ area is up now!! We charge a very small weekly or monthly subscription fee to allow you get your songs on our website and to help you promote it, and not just that, when our store is live, you even get to sell your songs with up to 75% of the revenue coming back to you. Sweet, isn’t it?

Visit to get started today!!

We’ll notify you when our store is live too 😉

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