Kiddwaya confirms rumors about him and Erica

Kiddwaya confirms rumors about him and Erica

Posted by WRITER KAY on Feb 04, 2021

      Former BB Naija's housemate, Kiddwaya in his Instagram page told us the reason he denied his Co-Star, Erica, and allso why he said he didn’t have a love life during the Punch interview.

Former BB Naija's housemates, Kiddwaya and Erica were always seen together on trips and all, which of course shocked the fans when he revealed that he didn’t have a love life during the interview with punch newspaper.

However, the two were actually dating but because Kiddwaya wanted to keep his relationship private that was why he denied dating his Co-star but things got twisted on the way.

During the question and answer session on his Instagram account,

A fan asked;
“Can you tell us what you mean in your punch interview about not having a love life”

He answered;
"I feel like I need to explain myself here. So listen up carefully. She was my girlfriend at that time and I didn't want people to be too involved," he wrote.
"I wanted it to be private involved that's why I said what I said. And sadly my words got twisted and it brought a lot of drags! Positive vibes from now pls."

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